With so many reasons to study using J Co Review,
where do we even begin?
The Stats
  • It's our nature
    90% of information that comes to the brain is visual.
  • It's convenient
    J Co Review is 100% online.
    No hot classrooms.
    No boring lectures.
    • It's who we are
      Approximately 65 percent of us are visual learners.
    • It's comprehensive
      We concisely cover exactly what you need to know.
    • It's quick
      Visual stimuli are processed 60,000 times faster than text.
    • It's effective
      Illustrations become more than twice as effective when narrated.
      People remember...
    • ...just 10% of what they hear...
    • ...a mere 20% of what they read...
    • ...but a commanding 80% of what they see.
    Our Mission
    J Co Review's mission is to revolutionize test prep by engaging students on 3 levels: visual, oral, and literary. While other prep courses try to tell students about scientific concepts with boring lectures and textbooks, we use narrated animations to show our students how these concepts work.

    The benefits of visual-based instruction have been well-documented by education researchers. Studies have shown that when students are taught visually, they retain over 6 times as much information as students who listened to lectures or read textbooks! These students are also able to recollect the material more rapidly, which is crucial during timed tests.

    At J Co Review, we believe that studying doesn't have to be a slow or dreadful process. With the right materials, it can be fast, efficient, and perhaps even fun. We are confident that supplementing your studies with J Co Review will help you excel and stand out among other test-takers.
    The Proof
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